How To Make A Perfect Profile on Christian Dating Sites

So, you have recently signed up with a Christian dating site and you were asked to complete your dating profile.  

It is your dating profile that lets you express and show other singles what kind of person you really are, with your interests included, as well as who and what you are searching for in a potential match.  

A typical dating profile is often composed of photos, short written answers, and multiple choice answers.  

If you are wondering how you can make the perfect profile on that Christian dating site you joined recently, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Ask Questions

Once you start to write your profile, you can try to include a few questions or any kind of lead in the sense that it can make it easier for someone who might be interested to get in touch with you to actually do so. When you ask questions like what they like to do or what their opinion is about a certain topic, people will have an idea of how to start a conversation with you. Yes, that is how easy it is to break the ice!

Practice Honesty

No matter what part it is of your dating profile, whether it is your photos, written answers, or multiple choice, always be honest, the very thing that you appreciate the most when you view the profiles of other Christian singles. When you create your profile, don’t forget the old adage that you should never do to other people what you don’t want them to do to you. Similar to how you want and expect honesty, your dating profile should also reflect exactly just that.

For instance, in the case of multiple choice questions as to whether you have kids or are divorced, be honest with your choice. If there is a question about the salary that is often optional on many dating sites, you also need to be honest if you choose to answer it. Of course, this also applies to other questions.

The photos that you upload must also reflect how you really look like at the present. You wouldn’t want others to think that you still look as young as you were back in college when you know how much you’ve changed. Whether you like it or not, appearance is always one of the things that people consider and Christian dating is not an exemption.

If your date finds out that you completely look different once you decide to meet each other in person will only show that you are already dishonest way before a relationship even starts.

A lot of people today communicate using their phone or computer before they meet each in other in person. So, why will you even waste your time portraying yourself as someone you are not? Being honest right from the beginning is always the best way for you to kick start a loving and positive relationship with your Christian partner.

Say the Right Words to Spark Interest

Although honesty is crucial, it doesn’t mean you should be selling yourself short, either. Everyone got interesting things to discuss about themselves. However, most of the time, the way you communicate these things can make a big difference. Always be detailed and specific.

For instance, instead of simply saying that you love to travel, why not mention the places that you visited and why you have fun visiting them? Similarly, you can also talk about the next destinations you have on your bucket list together with the reasons why you even want to go there.

On the other hand, if you love music, you can talk about your favorite artists and bands and how much you enjoyed their live show you went to. Also, you might want to stay away from clichés as much as you can.

Exude Positivity

No one would ever be interested to date a person who only tries to bring them down. Be sure to write your profile using a positive perspective. Talk about things that can make you laugh and smile. Avoid unnecessarily negative comments or complaints. If you have been blessed with a good sense of humor, don’t be afraid to show this side of you in your dating profile.

Upload Great Photos

Yes, photos matter and they still matter a lot. People would always want to have a good idea about the appearance of the person they are writing to.

Make sure that you post several photos of yourself and these must be up to date and honest. Also, take your time in picking photos that are of good quality and will show you what you truly look like.

Your primary photo on your profile must be a head shot. This will give people the chance to see you more up close. As for the rest of the photos, you can post several different shots. If possible, these photos should show you doing the things that interest you.

You also need to post photos with proper lighting. It won’t help to post dark photos where it would be impossible for people to see you.

Also, see to it that you only upload photos of yourself. Forget those photos with your family, kids, nieces, nephews, and other relatives. It will never be fair to the extras in the photos to expose them to the dating community. After all, your dating profile is all about you and never about them.

Express Your Christian Faith

The last but not the least thing to remember when it comes to creating your dating profile is to make sure that you express your faith. You can include your favorite Bible verses and why these speak to you. You can also talk about where you are right now in your journey with God as well as your future goals in this regard.

Creating your dating profile on Christian dating sites is not that complicated. Follow these tips and start meeting your dates in no time!