Christian Connection Review – Connect with Fellow Christians Today


Christian Connection is an award-winning and established online dating website that has been helping singles since 2000. A London-based team founded Christian Connection and through the years, it has been gaining more popularity not just in the UK and the US but even in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Through its run, it has also bagged numerous awards and recognition.

How Much Does It Cost to Join?

  • Pay $24 for a 1-month membership
  • Pay $48 for a 3-month membership
  • Pay $72 for a 6-month membership

What are the Features?

  1. Search and match
  2. Add to favorites
  3. Wave
  4. Post on board
  5. Hide from searchers
  6. Free text alerts
  7. View photos of other members
  8. View posts on the board
  9. Block
  10. Report
  11. Upload photos

What’s the Editor’s Verdict?

The popularity of Christian Connection was all because of the early positive coverage by the media in print and on TV. When 2012 came, Christian Connection has grown tremendously to serve more parts of the world. Through the years, the Christian dating site has won several independent awards such as those for customer service and as the best overall niche dating service.

Christian Connection has been helping Christian faith believers who are struggling to meet other eligible and legitimate Christians. Those who belong to small churches usually have a harder time to meet other single Christians and this also applies even those who belong to large churches. This is the case if the church doesn’t have single groups that can help with the introductions. The possibility of meeting Christians that belong to other denominations or other churches are very limited.

Thanks to Christian Connection, however, you will be able to enjoy many benefits. For starters, this is among the biggest and most genuine Christian dating services in the UK with large membership base in Canada and the US as well. The moderators of Christian Connection check all new profiles individually to make sure that all of the profiles on the site are of good quality and genuine. There is also a free 3-day trial that includes all of its features.

However, there are several downsides associated to the site. It doesn’t have an available dating app for Android devices. Some attributes in the faith profile are also hidden under the settings and these are not required when making a profile and this is a bit strange considering that this is a dating service meant for Christian singles. The message boards on the site are also not that active in North America while the customer care is available only by email and not by phone.

A matchmaking service such as Christian Connection can give singles the chance to meet other Christians near them or even those from all denominations. This way, everyone gets more options and lesser chances of not finding an ideal match so you can date with confidence and with complete peace of mind.